Zsolt Sütő: HANGOK


Sound Art Cluj-Napoca

Radio Pātā DJango 2017

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DJango Dilo

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Radio KlauZen 2016

Start listening to sounds, let music be your meditation. Listen to the sounds, all kinds of sounds. They are all divine - even the market noise, even the sounds that are created in the traffic. This airplane, that train, all sounds have to be listened to so attentively and silently and lovingly... as if you are listening to music. And you will be surprised: you can transform all sounds into music; they are music.” - B.S.R

Sound City REmix Cluj 2016

"Listening is a deep participation between the body and the soul and that is why it has been used as one of the most potential methods of meditation, because it bridges the two infinites: the material and the spiritual. And let this be your meditation; it will help you. Whenever you are sitting, just listen to whatsoever is going on. It is the marketplace and there is much noise and traffic, and the train and the plane; listen to it with no rejection in the mind that it is noisy. Listen as if you are listening to music, with sympathy. And suddenly you will see that the quality of the noise has changed. It is no more distracting, no more disturbing. On the contrary it becomes very soothing. If listened to rightly, even the marketplace becomes a melody." - B.S.R

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"When you listen carefully to the soundscape it becomes quite miraculous." R. Murray Schafer*

Sounds of Silence 
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Music with Tibetan Singing Bowls

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The Csoma-Syndrome

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