Astro Coaching - Birth Chart Astrological Analysis


Astro Coaching - Birth Chart Astrological Analysis

Astrology is not a miracle method - and yet it can have a deep impact on us, almost always. It’s not necessarily for everyone - and yet it can benefit almost anyone. Astrology is sort of a spiritual scanner: we illuminate the shady parts of our personality with the light of our Sun sign. Astrological analysis is done by many and in many different ways - I do it as part of a personalized supportive coaching conversation session based on your detailed astrogram.

For example, you may want to consult an astrologer when you experience karmic obstruction or karmic obstacles in your life or personal evolution. (By the way, in these situations the spiritual traditions suggest 3 methods: astrology, Tarot cards, and the I Ching.) I rejected astrology for almost 40 years - then a deep crisis led me to it. The astrological analysis I received then radically changed my life: I was reassured that my feelings were appropriate, and I understood where (not) to go next. These are my 2 main goals with every client who turns to me for astrogram and deep analysis.

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When I analyze someone’s astrogram (birth chart), it’s a bit like having someone naked in front of me - in the sense that the masks become translucent and the blind spots and the inner shadow appear. In this sense, we need some courage to ask someone the astro analysis - I will give targeted help to integrate these, e.g. at the end of the conversation with the recommended exercises and meditations.

When else would you look at your astrogram if not in crisis ?! There are several road signs in the astro chart that show the direction of our personal development and evolution - I tend to highlight two of them: Jupiter and Rahu (the latter is that thing we don’t even dare think about). Personality is the train, karma is the railway network - with astrological analysis we examine the tracks - and the switches. Icing on the cake: yes, there are clear signs in the chart as to whose company to look for if we want to find a satisfying sex life and a relationship that we need.

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If you feel it too that the moment has come for us to return to the Soul, to Silence and Peace, that there is a divine order beyond the material dimension and that life is much more than the rush and the competition of our days, if your personal evolution, awakening and healing is important to you, then join me in this endless inner journey. Bless is more.

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step – says the Chinese proverb. Likewise, one single conscious breath of pure silence can become a milestone on the journey towards tranquility, peace and healing. I wish that these meditations become your trustful fellow-travelers on the inner journey. Bon voyage!