Zen Light Coaching

Intuitive and Holistic Life Coaching based on Meditation

Commit yourself to the light of your heart.

From time to time it’s best to “travel” with a companion who can SEE YOU. You get the attention, acceptance, feedback and encouragement you need. A  guide who joyfully takes a look at your wounds, holds you a gentle mirror, bravely points out to your blind spots and shares his own experiences and gives you TOOLS that you can START TO USE INSTANTLY – in a manner so you can find your way back to your soul and to your journey.

By means of the personalized meditation practices we learn to slow down, to SIMPLIFY our mind, our psychology and our lives – expect simple tools that you cen use in your benefit starting from this very moment. Small changes can lead to real long-term results – you can START TODAY, here and now. Then we’ll run a DEEP & QUICK SCAN on our lives and beings, starting from our digital addictions through our desires and obstacles as well as the heart of our souls where our light springs.

Methods and tools I use: discussion, sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, guided meditations, inner journeys, deep guided relaxation, breathwork, stretching, massage, medicinal plant infusions, walking and shared silence.

Come as you are, I am here for you!

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