Zen Life Coaching

By means of silence we learn to slow down, to simplify our mind, our psychology and our lives. We learn to accomplish more by doing less and to be more by having less. Small changes can lead to real long-term results – you can start it today, here and now. 

Through the meditative experience we begin to see our lives’ challenges from a new angle and we transcend our blocks in a different way – in this process the silence is our starting point and our main tool.

From time to time it’s best to travel with a companion – you can get the attention, acceptance, feedback and encouragement you need. A guide who joyfully takes a look at your wounds, holds you a gentle mirror, bravely points out to your blind spots and shares his own experiences – in a manner so you can find your way back to your soul and to your journey.

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Online zen coaching on skype or phone – please write to zsoltsuto around gmail dot com