Healing while healing
A trap quite beautiful
And hardcore
Obstacles abound – but LOL
I have become the one
I was looking for

The Way of the Bodhisattva

There's only one real weapon
Against noise
True silence
Which is not a weapon at all
It's Mahakashyapa's smile
It's the flower
The hand that holds the flower
The smile noticing the smile
The meeting of those two minds
Into one
One by one

Minority of One

I might be or feel like a minority of one,
An orphan with no brothers,
A homeless with no friends,
A warrior with no allies,
My work is disappearing
Unseen and unheard,
The love I dreamt of might only exist
In Rumi’s dreams,
And the love that springs in me
Is slowly fading away,
Silence is extinct, noise is thriving,
Visions I have are useless,
So once a week when I got to be
Completely hopeless,
I choose to make a bread
And savor the wholeness
Of my family name’ special thread

Ocean of Light

(Meeting Sirio)

I’ve met many faces of love
Endless sea of pleasure and pain
Of the body and the heart –
Is there’ anything left to strain -
Then I had a glimpse of my heart
Through your eyes
Infinite awakening-flowers
Blossoming from each other’s sight
We’re all light, and this is our nature
Endless ocean of light with no shores
What’s your plan with me?
– I asked, as a child to a father -
Just lay on the waves, please,
Look into my eyes,
Turn yourself inwards,
And look for the fighter,
The waves will gently carry him away
As we become,
Lighter and lighter

All one

I'll be the son of my son
I was the father of my father
this here and now is
my present past and future

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